IDC Presentation from 24 February Event

Presentation from Darwin Lie – IDC Indonesia. Those who are watching smartphones market – beware (in a good sense), we are in the era where smartphones growth in Indonesia is amazing. Smells like opportunities.


Telkomsel Presentation from MoMo M2M Event

Presentation from Ivan C. Permana – VP Technology & System, Telkomsel – presented on MobileMonday 24 February 2014.


Invitation: MoMo 24-Feb – “M2M: Now the Machines can Talk”

Now, every machines can talk. How to maximize its opportunity?

Many people have dreamed that machines and things around us are connected and will do things that make our lives more pleasant and our businesses more productive. The term IoT (“Internet of Things”) and M2M (“Machine to Machine”) is no stranger for many of us. This  means machine can talk to others, and need communication and solution to bring the next level of M2M Business in future.

Analysts and pundits have predicted that billions of things (10 billion? 50 billion? 212 billion?) will be connected in the near future. This represents trillion  USD of opportunities/values at stake – Cisco stated around $14.4 trillion, IDC said $8.9, wow… that’s some figure!!

Many companies have jumped in the bandwagon, including those that are usually “foreign” to mobile industry – healthcare, cars, home appliances, and many more.

This will not come easy, M2M is about developing new business, new area of collaborations. And that’s a journey. 

Join us in the upcoming MobileMonday Networking Event – Co-Hosted by TELKOMSEL.

  • Date: Monday, 24 February 2014
  • Time: 18.00 – onwards
  • Venue: Publico Bistro and Bar, Jalan Senopati No. 65, Jakarta Selatan
  • (direction)

We will have speakers from:

  • Jasper WirelessTom Fisher/ Director, Solution Engineering, APAC
  • TELKOMSEL Ivan C Permana/VP Technology & System
  • ElokuDidi Setiadi / Founder & CEO
  • IDC – “2014 Telco Industry Outlook”

Be there and having the chance to touch some real M2M products/services. Who knows, you might be the lucky ones to bring some of these devices home.

See you there,

MobileMonday Indonesia   &  TELKOMSEL

PS. Special thanks for Qualcomm as annual platinum sponsor of MobileMonday Indonesia.


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Invitation: MobileMoney & Digital Payments Asia 21-23 Jan (FREE!)


Commerce is increasingly moving onto digital platforms. Venture capital database CB Insights reports that Asian e-commerce companies have attracted $6.9 billion across 383 deals – through funding, acquisitions, and IPOs – from 2010 to the present day. But eCommerce practitioners across the continent still struggle to close the loop with online transactions, with many consumers opting for bank transfers rather than in-portal payments.

MobileMonday are pleased to announce that our very own Andy Zain will be chairing the upcoming Mobile Money and Digital Payments conference which is taking place in the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan, right here in Jakarta Indonesia, at January 21 – 23rd 2014

The two day event is set to feature a range of speakers from Indonesia’s top digital and financial institutions, discussing many of the region’s core issues in cashless payments. And the great news is, as MobileMonday are supporting partners of the event, you can register your place at this exclusive three day conference completely FREE OF CHARGE.

You’ll be joining us, and a selection of expert speakers handpicked from across the region, to collaborate and innovate – and drive the region forwards.

Mobile Monday will be chairing the Digital Payments event, on Thursday January 23rd.

You can also catch our exclusive workshop on Tuesday January 21st.

14:30 – 15:30 Exploring the role of the telco in the start-up incubation space

MNOs have evolved a great deal since providing voice and SMS services a few years ago. Now they are internet service providers, content providers, media stores, app stores – and they are now beginning to realise their potential as start-up incubators and venture capitalists. Telcos are powerful business entities in Indonesia and across the globe, with nationwide reach, deep pockets and huge infrastructure they make wonderful allies for start-ups. The question is how to work with them? We will have Telkomsel, XL and Indosat presenting their views and activities in the start-up incubation space, exploring how a start-up can leverage a telco’s resources and giving concrete examples of successful collaborations.

SESSION LEADER: Andreas Surya, Mobile Monday


  • Tauseef Riaz, Chief Digital Advisor, Indosat
  • Rudyanto Herlambang, Head of Mobile Commerce, Telkomsel
  • Yessie D. Yosetya, XL Axiata

Taking place January 21 – 23rd, Jakarta, Indonesia Mobile Money and Digital Payments Asia 2014 will bring together senior decision makers from banks, MNOs and EMVs, all looking to meet and network with the region’s e-retailers to and drive the progression of Asia’s cashless economy.

Whether you’re looking at rolling out a contactless infrastructure in your brick-and-mortar store or developing an ecommerce or mCommerce platform as part of a multichannel strategy to grow your business, Mobile Money Asia and Digital Payments Asia will bring together the market leaders with proven strategic results and a wealth of marketplace knowledge to help you expand your customer base, cut costs and digitise your business whilst increasing your profits

Looking forward to seeing you there

Contact us for ticket details at info [at] !

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Presentation from 16-Dec Session

The event was recorded by the nice people from Codemi, there will be videos posted online for later viewing! Cool!

And… here are the slides…

(1) from Rahmat Harlyadi @harlyadie – DailySocial on Tech Startup Industry Review 2013.
Some of the highlights from my notes are:

  • the critical mass of online/mobile users are there – to open a vertically focused (niche) e-commerce business
  • we do see local players (games, content, commerce) gaining popularity in local market
  • it’s good to see startups coming in 2013, and they are more and more mature. (Ed.: This is also relates to last month’s point from Arkav/XL that today’s startup should focus on operationalizing their business)
  • Very important: “Potong Pulsa” is still an important payment methods in 2014

(2) and from Agung Wijanarko (@gungwi) – well not exactly his, but the content is close enough.

Agung talked about three major trends:

  • Redefining Computing – how mobile tech have changed our perception of computers from big PC, into small yet powerful devices – AND wearables, and their context awareness
  • 1000x Data Challenges – how all our devices and sensors have been collecting data, constantly, always on.
  • Digital 6th Sense – how networked sensors will enable a better life

He expects that we can have more affordable smartphones next year, that will drive more people online. And it’s really happening!

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MoMo 16 December – Year in Review/Outlook 2014

Hi MobileMonday Indonesia!

It’s the time of the year!

What happened in 2013, what are the low lights and the highlights of our beloved mobile industry? Did the industry grow? Did someone showed any good innovations last year?

And we need to look forward as well. What is the outlook for 2014 – with the economic growth slowing down (predicted), and the election year coming, and on the other hand continuous interests from startups/telco’s/OTT’s investing in Indonesia… how are these going to impact us (and even create more opportunities).

Presenting on the next MobileMonday Networking Night are:

  • Rahmat Harlyadi, VP Marketing – DailySocial
  • Agung Wijanarko, Business Development Director – Qualcomm
  • Frost & Sullivan (tbc)

Join us in the upcoming event:

  • Date: Monday, 16 December 2013
  • Time: 18.00 – onwards
  • Venue: POSTE Kitchen & Bar, The East, Ground Floor, Kawasan Mega Kuningan

Special thanks for BlackBerry and Qualcomm for sponsoring MobileMonday Indonesia.

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Invitation: MoMo 25 Nov – “Telco in Startup Incubation Space”

Dear Friends of MobileMonday,

Telco has evolved a lot from providing voice and SMS services a few years ago. Now they are Internet service providers, content providers, media stores, app stores… and startup incubators/venture capitalists.


Yes, join us in the upcoming MobileMonday Networking Event on “Telco in Startup Incubation Space”

Telcos are powerful business entities in Indonesia (and everywhere), with nationwide reach, deep pocket for marketing, billions of infrastructure – they are wonderful allies for startups. They question is how to work with them?

We will have Telkomsel, XL and Indosat presenting their views and activities in the startup incubation space. How a startup can leverage Telco’s resources and some example of successful collaborations.

  • Tauseef Riaz (Chief Digital Advisor, Indosat)
  • Arkav Juliandri (General Manager Cloud/M2M, XL Axiata)
  • Telkomsel (tbc)

Event details:

  • Date: Monday, 25th November 2013
  • Time: 18.00 – finish (18.30 Presentation starts)
  • Venue: Amigos Restaurant, Bellagio Mall @ GF, Kawasan Mega Kuningan

Special thanks to BlackBerry and Qualcomm for sponsoring MobileMonday Indonesia.

See you there!

MobileMonday Indonesia

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Invitation: MoMo 23 September – BBM Multiplatform

bbm_logoWondering what will the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Multiplatform bring to the table? It is one of the most anticipated announcements in the mobile sector. We are trying to shed some light on what it is and how this popular messaging/social platform will evolve.

There are a few articles at crackberry and unofficial videos in youtube highlighting this functionality. The App itself is said to be “under review” by the application stores. Definitely one milestone for BlackBerry.

You are cordially invited to join our networking event which will take place on:

  • Monday, 23 September 2013
  • 18.00 WIB – finish
  • At Amigos Restaurant, Bellagio Mall, Kawasan Mega Kuningan

Joining us at event are Ardo Fadhola (Sr. Country Product Manager, BlackBerry Indonesia), Agus Hamonangan (id-android), and more cross-platform communities! Plus Edward Killian, GM Brand Communications from XL sharing on how operators are preparing for BBM Multiplatform.

Ardo will present the BBM Multiplatform story and…

In the spirit of community meet up and cross-platform collaboration, all of them will sit in a talk show to discuss and share their views and expectations.

Please go to here for registration or fill in the form below.

Come and meet with your peers, to network with the influencers of Indonesian mobile industry!

See you there,
ID MoMo Team

PS. Special thanks to BlackBerry for 2013 annual sponsorship. And we’re proud to announce Qualcomm as 2013/2014 annual sponsor!

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Slides from April & May 2013 Events…

… are available at the usual site:


Invitation: MoMo 20 May – “Mobile Healthcare in Indonesia”

Healthcare is definitely everyone’s concern. It is a big topic, and also a big portion of spending both in government, private sector, and in personal life. There’s so much happening in Indonesian healthcare…

Indonesia’s healthcare expenditure is predicted to reach US$60.6 billion in 2018 with a growth of 14.9 percent over the 2012-2018 period on account of faster growth in age groups above 35 years, urbanization and an increase of lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer and diabetes, says research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan (Quoted from Jakarta Post).

There is also a survey from Edelman in collaboration with UGM in 2013 which found out that today’s healthcare professionals (HCPs) are turning to the Internet to empower patients with information while also using the Internet to strengthen their professional network.

And another hot topic for Indonesia is the implementation of Universal Health Coverage – Jamkesmas, starting from Jan 1, 2014!

As MobileMonday, we naturally ask, is there any opportunities for mobile in the healthcare ecosystem?

Some of our MoMo friends in Hamburg, Athens, Boston, Detroit, Dublin, and many others have posted the similar questions. And now it’s Jakarta’s time – let’s discuss.

Joining us in the event – representing different views from the industry are:

  • Josep William Widjaja (Co-Founder Dokita), “Dokita – Bringing Indonesia’s healthcare services into the next level”
  • dr. Jacques Durand (Medical Director, Medika Consulting), “Mobile Health Services and Mobile Health Social Media”
  • dr. Gregorius Bimantoro (CEO, Atoma Medical), “Achieving Better Health through Reliable Health Information and Access Technology”
  • Iwan Hasan (Communication for Development Specialist, UNICEF Indonesia), “Role of Mobile in Health Improvement Program – Real Case from Eastern Indonesia”
  • A special guest, dr. Rahmanofaotorhinolaryngologist, “how doctor use mobile & technology” – talkshow
  • BlackBerry Indonesia Team, “BB Apps for Healthcare”

Event details:

  • Day/date: Monday, 20 May 2013
  • Time: 18.00 – onwards
  • Place: Amigos (Bellagio Mall), Kawasan Mega Kuningan

For registration please go to this link:

See you there!

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